Top 10 White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms in 2021

  • May 12, 2021
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Top 10 White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms in 2021

We have observed the enormous development of white-label cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the last few years. Several startups and enterprises looked forward to setting their foot with the cryptocurrency industry by launching their white label cryptocurrency exchange platform with the best features. 

Numerous crypto exchanges also have been originated within the crypto market and many have failed. Usually, beginning a cryptocurrency exchange takes time from scratch, plus is further expensive. Therefore, people looked for choices to promptly set up a crypto exchange and come into the business. One thing that has motivated entrepreneurs and startups to start a cryptocurrency exchange is white label cryptocurrency exchange software development.

A white label crypto exchange software signifies a pre-designed software constructed with standard programming and superior API codes. However, in terms of business, a white-label cryptocurrency exchange remains a ready-made cryptocurrency trading software that assists to start a feature-packed, fully functional, and safe cryptocurrency exchange platform immediately.

Here, users can readily trade a broad variety of significant digital currencies. Utilizing this superior white label crypto exchange software, promising entrepreneurs and startups can kickstart their crypto exchange with zero effort. Generally, this kind of software remains inbuilt with excellent security characteristics to implement a hack-free environment. With that being stated, here are the top 10 white-label platforms that made it to the crypto market successfully. 

The Top 10 White Label Crypto Exchange Platforms 

Of all companies providing white label solutions, we have rounded up a list of the 10 best white label crypto exchange platforms with ideal features. 

1. HashCash Consultants 

Established in 2015, Hashcash Consultants has plentiful knowledge and expertise in developing a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform for brokerages and exchanges. HashCash operates its crypto exchange platform, Paybito, and administers a broad spectrum of blockchain services and solutions. Major services offered by HashCash include white label ICO platform, сryptocurrency development, crypto payment processor, custom crypto exchange development, coin listings, utility coin offering, and more. 

HashCash’s platform sustains multiple cryptocurrencies and the significant fiat currencies of the world. It comes with encrypted hot wallets and multi-signature cold wallets, including bank-level defenses to safeguard users from hackers. Being an encouraging company within the ecosystem of blockchain, HashCash lately has been managing to keep up with its top position in the blockchain industry, hence remitting industry-standard services. Recently, HashCash happened to build a blockchain-powered vaccine passport prototype that is applicable and not restricted to the Covid-19 bracket. Other than that, it can be also be launched with every new dose of immunizations that arise.

Headquarters: Palo Alto, California, United States

Number of employees: 501-1000

IPO status: Private


2. PayBito

Based out in California, PayBito is a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform that has popular cryptocurrencies listed within the trading platform, thereby providing people with easy access and permitting them to enhance their asset portfolio and trading experience. PayBito is one of the first exchanges in the world to provide INR support for deposits and withdrawals. PayBito’s traders are acknowledged to receive the most reliable cryptocurrency prices on the platform apart from the lowest trading fees.  

PayBito’s white label crypto exchange security features incorporate – 3 level system of cold, warm, and hot wallets, 2FA, anti-phishing features, DDoS mitigation, database encryption, geo-targeting that further identifies VPNs & Tor exit nodes, along with many more.

Headquarters: Palo Alto, California, United States

Number of employees: 51-100

IPO Status: Private


3. Alpha Point

AlphaPoint is a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform for brokerages, exchanges, and asset tokenization. With years of expertise in proposing premium progressive modules, white label crypto exchange software, and reliable security characteristics, Alphapoint is known for providing classic crypto exchange software and has remained in existence since 2013. The company offers both secondary trading and primary issuance solutions within the cryptocurrency field.

Headquarters: New York

Number of Employees:

IPO Status: Private 


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4. Velmie

Velmie is a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform that has been offering cutting-edge financial solutions for years and remained one of the leading organizations to propose enterprise blockchain solutions to the financial industry. The company endeavors a white-label trading platform for digital assets that is fully customizable, ready-made, and liquidity-ready.

Based on modular, microservices, and cloud-based architecture, hence supporting various currencies, incorporating crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto transactions, the platform facilitates sovereign KYC/AML compliance verification and possesses an inbuilt core banking solution. This white label cryptocurrency exchange software proposes a crypto payment gateway, advanced scalability supported by institutional-grade security concerning crypto assets. 

Headquarters: Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Number of employees: 11-50

IPO status: Private


5. Coinsquare

Based out in Canada, Coinsquare is a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform carrying years of expertise that helps them fuel their passion to work out on customer satisfaction and security. The white label cryptocurrency exchange software they offer comes with KYC integration along with payment processors. It helps facilitate efficient and quicker user verification. 

This organization has an access to the best-in-class practices and solutions related to crypto exchange software. They help enable the customers in using the personalized style that incorporates the innovation of the platform in multiple languages and currencies. On reaching out to them, a licensing team can assist the customers to start the project, thereby getting a grip of the crypto market. Other than that, the deep liquidity pool of Coinsquare helps in sourcing liquidity. 

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Number of employees: 51-100

IPO status: Private


6. Infinite Block Tech   

Infinite Block Tech is a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform that proposes to businesses a highly functional and secured digital assets platform for trading. Being one of the first companies to develop customizable crypto exchange platforms, they provide innovative services in the same domain. Safety is highly prioritized and the company follows a comprehensive seven-step mechanism to develop a stable platform concerning businesses. 

The product features incorporate API integration, admin back end panel, SEO/SEM enabled, multi-language support, integrated referral program, trade matching engine, mobile application, margin trading, payment gateway integration, and more. Significant services provided are STO services – marketing, development, ETO development services, exchange, crypto wallet development, crypto development, token development and listing, blockchain consultation, crypto ATM software, etc.  

Headquarters: United States of America

Number of Employees: 51-100

IPO Status: Private 


7. Skalex

Based out in Germany, Skalex refers to a famous white label crypto exchange platform that concentrates principally on Bitcoin exchanges, however, underpins all the popular cryptocurrencies. The company offers upfront and transparent pricing that is additionally backed by its resilient microservice strategy. A high uptime makes this company stand out and the experience of the customers is more preferred. 

Their crypto exchange software is arranged into five varied modules: cxServer, cxClient, cxEngine, cxWallet, and cxAdmin. Every module works on its own, however, all of them communicate with one another. The scalability and flexibility of their exchange software enable you to modify it to your requirements. Some of their trading features include order matching, market maker, multiple currency support, crypto to fiat exchange option, funds management along API to an external storage option. 

Headquarters: Germany

Number of employees: 10-50

IPO status: Private


8. UpTrader

Backed by more than 30 ready-to-go solutions to improve any business within the FinTech industry, UpTrader offers white label solutions as well. The solutions that they offer let the customers have admittance to MT4 along with a broad variety of trading mechanisms. Popular currency pairs and CFD shares can readily be added to their dashboard and customization can be done on request. Other than that, UpTrader also offers crypto exchange software that comes with binary options.

Headquarters: United States

Number of employees: 20-30

IPO status: Private



Established in 2014, places itself like a ready-made solution concerning the launch of a crypto exchange business within a month. The popular white label cryptocurrency exchange platform proposes a wide assortment of cryptocurrency and broker solutions. Their trading platform encourages trading in multiple assets, incorporating fiat currencies, digital assets, forex, as well as equities.

Headquarters: Limassol

Number of employees: 100-500

IPO status: Private


10. BitHolla 

BitHolla is a Seoul-based white label crypto exchange platform that concentrates on implementing blockchain services and solutions to businesses. The integral part of this open-source white label crypto exchange software signifies that it arrives with a self-launch kit, enabling anyone to start and manage their crypto exchange followed by listing tokens. It also comes with a user-friendly and simple dashboard that one can customize without any skills of coding. 

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

Number of employees: 10-20

IPO status: Private


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To Conclude 

The above-mentioned white label crypto exchange platforms help set a benchmark for the crypto world and can enable you to develop a compelling, competitive, and cost-effective crypto trading platform, thereby making it outperform and hopefully outlast all the others in the market out there.

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