Top 10 ICO Consulting Companies of 2021

  • April 29, 2021
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Top 10 ICO Consulting Companies of 2021

The stellar performance of Bitcoin served as a propeller for decentralized platforms powered by powerful blockchain technology. Fintech startups began to innovate on this platform easing out a plethora of finance-related complexities. Not really, they showed the world the power of an alternative financial instrument that wasn’t dampened by international borders.

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Initial Coin Offering (ICO) apparently worked well for a number of reasons. The stellar performance of Bitcoin served as a propeller for decentralized platforms powered by powerful blockchain technology. Fintech startups began to innovate on this platform easing out a plethora of finance-related complexities. Not really, they showed the world the power of an alternative financial instrument that wasn’t dampened by the geopolitical entities, and their policies on the currency system. They ran on a global currency system – the digital currency or virtual currency or more popularly the cryptocurrency.

Taking a cue from the principles of cryptocurrencies, businesses came up to place tokens of their enterprises on an exchange to be sold to individuals or other businesses as investments. This provided fragmented ownership of the company to the holders of the tokens and the company received funds through the campaign to accomplish their project. As the company flourishes, the price of these tokens rises, quite akin to shares of an organization.

Enlisting the top ICO consulting firms of 2021 that are highly rated and graded by their high-profile clientele. These ICO development companies and ICO service providers have made it to our list by dint of their quest for technical advancement through strategic learning and research.

HashCash Consultants ¬Blockchain/IoT/AI/Big Data/ML

This California-based software development company and ICO consulting firm is a globally acclaimed ace with blockchain products and services in the banking and financial sector. Catering to the industry leads with blockchain, AI, IoT, Big Data, and related services, HashCash has expanded much in the small number of years in operation.

Serving with goals to fill up the gaping voids of industry needs, HashCash comes up with their ICO service providing and ICO consulting services. Channeling their expertise to build an exchange, a crypto bank, and custodian services, HashCash is a trusted name industry with clients across the US, Singapore, and Australia.

Armed with knowledge and experience in delivering the white label crypto exchange solutions and ICO service in its entire lifecycle, helps HashCash in providing consulting services to global enterprises seeking to launch their tokens. Additionally, a global exchange PayBito, owned by HashCash offers ICO clients to list their tokens once approved by PayBito underwriting.

HashCash enlists top banking and financial institutes and industry giants as their clients.

-Pricing: $50-99 hourly rate

Hash Code Programmers ¬ Blockchain Development

Hash Code Programmers Pvt Ltd (HCPPL) is a blockchain application development company and ICO consulting firm, focusing on distributed ledger technology and smart contracts. Based in India, this company works with blockchain startups looking to launch their ICO. Broadly, their services encompass everything from smart contracts (RootStock, Ethereum) audit, fundraising to cryptocurrency launch.

The team behind Hash Code bears experience from working with a series of organizations guiding them through smart contract development, blockchain architecture, and ICO launch. They provide sound advice on token creations and the ICO process.

-Pricing: pa-as-you-go (PAYG) rates / $100-150 hourly rate.

ICOBox ¬ ICO agency

A very popular, and large, Blockchain Growth Promoter and Business Facilitator for enterprises looking to platter their product or service to the public via ICO fundraising.

This widely acclaimed ICO consulting firm provides potential clients with the benefits of No Restrictions in payment methods, writing out rules to select eligible token buyers, plus building an automated special offers system.

They enlist industry leads in the financial sector as their clients.

-Pricing: Basic package 40 BTC / Technology package 26 BTC / Legal package 16 BTC / Marketing package 40+ BTC.

MLG Blockchain

A global enterprise and capital advisory firm with blockchain technology development and broker dealing capabilities. Headquartered in Toronto and New York City with a distributed team across 20+ countries, This ICO consulting firm offers premium blockchain consulting services, with both regional and global representation for clients around the world.

MLG Blockchain consultants have experience spanning a wide range in the blockchain industry. It has played an important role in taking over 20 token sales to market, which solve problems in industries as diverse as media to the refugee crisis, and has made it possible to raise 200M in funds. The management and enterprise teams have worked alongside Fortune 100 enterprises and global governments to accelerate blockchain adoption and transformations within the enterprise or country and we have built blockchain products with various architectures including POC’s to production applications.

-Pricing: $100-150

Chaineum | Full-service ICO agency

Chaineum is a leading self-regulated ICO consulting firm based in France and Switzerland. An end-to-end service provider of repute, this company assists enterprises looking to raise capital (STO) and non-dilutive capital (ICO). Chaineum helps their clients come up with a marketing strategy, and provides sound guidance in Blockchain technologies to investors and financial companies alike.

-Pricing: $75-100

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SoluLab Blockchain ¬ IoT | Mobility | AI | Big Data

A top US-based blockchain development company with over 50M+ active users for their apps. Industry-competitive with a 97% customer success score. SoluLab has partnered with a wide variety of companies ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to high-growth startups. The list includes Walt Disney, Goldman Sachs, Mercedez Benz, University of Cambridge, Georgia Tech, and more.

Led by management leaders from Goldman Sachs and Citrix, SoluLab targets cost savings of over 50% for the client with an enhanced hiring model that improves hiring speed by 400% compared to other industry players.

Labrys ¬ Blockchain Consultants and Developers

Leading Australian blockchain development and ICOconsulting firm, assisting clients plan, architect, and build innovative blockchain products.

Labrys provides end-to-end services for Individuals, Startups, Enterprise and looking to design, build software products and launch ICOs. From Smart Contracts to mobile applications and ICOs in between, Labrys handles your blockchain-related development needs. Adopting the latest technologies and frameworks, Labrys’ team of Designers, Analysts, Project Managers, and Engineers take pride in producing excellent user experiences through High-Performing Web, Mobile, and Desktop Applications.

Zab Technologies ¬ Blockchain/ ICO

An award-winning company Zab Technologies is a Blockchain Development company and ICO consulting firm with rich expertise in ICO services. Based in India, their high-performance team works with clients across the globe. They have assisted a number of ICO owners to take their business to the next level. Zab Technologies primarily focuses on ICO solutions built with features ranging from Digital Wallets creation, Smart contracts development, ERC token creation, Logo Design for the coin, and ICO website creation.

An expert team onboard with professionals working on diverse platforms helps them glide through real-time implementation.

-Pricing: $35 hourly rate.

BR Soft Technologies

A Token and ICO development company with a strong portfolio in several other software services. Going with the belief in cryptocurrencies as the future of finance, BR Soft Technologies offers ERC20 Token development and ICO development. This along with technical support, marketing, etc. Furthermore, in addition to providing a blueprint for ICO development, the company covers everything clients might require – beginning with web design to developing smart contracts and touching upon token sales, Bitcoin mining and wallets, hyper ledgers, and more on the way.

This ICO service provider boasts of a strong portfolio of successful projects.

-Pricing: $25-50 hourly rate


Developer, ICO service provider, and consultant in the private and public blockchain, decentralized applications, smart contract development, and ICO services. Limechain lays emphasis on the crowd sale side and is the strong suit of LimeChain from Bulgaria. They focus on the fundraising potential of ICOs, and practical applications in industries like real estate, startups, and finance. Their portfolio features success stories with Vaultitude (patents and innovation), Propy (real estate), (science), and LockTrip (hotel business).

-Pricing: pay-as-you-go (PAYG).

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