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Latest Blockchain News Analysis & Events

The premier source for the latest news, analysis, and events in the world of blockchain, crypto, metaverse, and Web 3.0. Stay informed with our team of experienced journalists and industry experts as they bring you the latest developments in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency markets, virtual worlds, decentralized finance, and more. From Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, and NFTs, to Metaverse, VR, and AR- Blockchain1O1 has got you covered.

Blockchain Technology

The underpinned architecture of the popular cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is disrupting every industry with its top-notch features. The technology has revealed its true potential with its features: Immutability, transparency, and traceability.
Blockchain1O1 focuses on the latest news of the technology application and adoption in different industries. The decentralized technology is utilized in smart contracts, supply chain management, logistics, the healthcare industry, real estate, education, and many more.

Crypto News, Markets, and Price Predictions

The virtual currency which was first introduced in 2009, is globally adopted. There are over 300 million cryptocurrency owners around the world. Cryptocurrencies are always in the news due to their highly volatile nature.
Blockchain1O1 brings the latest unbiased news to the table and shares every possible news related to the digital asset class. Cryptocurrencies are a trend today, and we are here to keep you updated with news, crypto markets, and price predictions.

Metaverse: Latest Developments

The concept of a virtual universe is now becoming a truth. Metaverse is the future iteration of the internet and is already here. The multiple different virtual spaces allows people to meet, work, play games, and socialize in a three-dimensional space.
While Facebook has already renamed its social platform Meta, Blockchain1O1 is here with some more interesting updates and news. Learn more about Metaverse and the new developments and adoptions surrounding it.

Web 3.0: The new era

The web has evolved over the years from web 1.0, to web 2.0, to web 3.0. While we are still in the web 2.0 era, the internet is finally taking a leap toward web 3.0 making the internet decentralized from its core. To make the internet permissionless, safe, verifiable, self-governing, etc, web 3.0 plays an important role. Blockchain1O1 brings to you every news about the Web 3.0 developments taking place around the World.