Top Bitcoin Payment Processors and Gateways For 2021

  • April 30, 2021
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Top Bitcoin Payment Processors and Gateways For 2021

The crypto business is rapidly growing, and the best way to accept bitcoin payments happens to be booming. Cryptocurrency or bitcoin payment processors signify a platform concerning online transactions that encourages companies to accept payments in crypto.

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Few notable players dominated the crypto market as far as five years back, but, presently, numerous players are ruling the crypto market. Currently, the problem sprawls in how to pick the most secure, beneficial, and reliable bitcoin payment provider. Here, in this article, we have reviewed the top ten best bitcoin payment processors and gateways. Every payment processor possesses its set of benefits and features in the market. Let’s get started!

1. Billbitcoins

Billbitcoins, a while-label payment processor of HashCash Consultants, enables merchants to accept bitcoin and other crypto payments, hence saving huge amounts on transaction prices without being presented to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. It refers to one of the top bitcoin payment processors for merchants to take payments in Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and additional common cryptocurrencies. Most payments remain confirmed within few minutes including zero risks concerning a chargeback. This reduces the cost of online fraud. Other than that, payments can also be transferred to customers by a particular click on the merchant account interface.


1)Merchant Account Interface.
2)Encrypted APIs for security.
3)Ticketing System.
4)Great Exchange Rates.
5)URI and QR code.
6)Easy Refunds.
7)Platform Integration.




2. Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the top bitcoin payment processors based out in the United States that develop some astounding features to further make life more comfortable for the users. This platform can be utilized as a normal exchange and a payment gateway as well. It promotes instant currency exchange from Bitcoin to fiat currency and does not need the merchant to get approval for a withdrawal. It offers the service completely free concerning the initial $1 million transactions.


1)A wide assortment of altcoin choices

2)Quite a simple user interface for users

3)A high liquidity






3. BitPay

American corporation Bitpay is one of the top bitcoin payment processors and dominates the crypto-fintech domain. It started in 2011, a small 2.5 years post the Bitcoin system started. BitPay concentrates on payment settlement by statements that happen to be assigned by online shops for services and goods at a settled cost. Bitpay requires a 1 percent charge. Merchants additionally have a choice to withdraw fiat currency from the account to their respective bank accounts.


1)Direct Bank Deposit.
2)Cryptographically Safe API.
3)National Currency Settlement.
4)Custom Transaction Speed Setting Options.
5)Pricing in 150 Currencies.
6)Invoicing in 40 Languages.
7)URI and QR Code Invoices.
8)Cross-Standard Bitcoin Wallet Compatibility.




4. OpenNode

OpenNode remains one of the several successful Bitcoin payment processors for enterprise transactions. It is easy to begin and ready to set up, in minutes of sign up. OpenNode implements a manageable and easy-to-use interface for any company that needs to take Bitcoin payments.


1)On-chain and Lightning Network
2)Bitcoin and Traditional Currencies
3)E-commerce plugins
4)Instant payments and automatic conversions
5)Simple yet powerful API for custom solutions
6)Payments for any business
7)Bitcoin Payment buttons
8)Compatible with all Bitcoin wallets
9)24/7/365 Global Customer Support
10)2 Factor Authentication compatible



5. CoinPayments

CoinPayments is one of the top bitcoin payment processors that claim to be the best way to accept bitcoin payments and happens to be another popular crypto payment gateway that is entirely dedicated to online merchants. CoinPayments facilitate payments utilizing several coins like Ripple, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, as well as Litecoin. Here, merchants are charged 0.50% because of the transaction charge imposed by CoinPayments.


1)Enables merchants to take more than 1200+ coins for a 0.5% charge.
2)Offers plugins concerning all the common web carts.
3)Unique $tag to get payments from coins.
4)Supports GAP600 Instant Confirmations for making Bitcoin payments quicker.
5)Multi coin wallets.
6)Auto coin conversion.
7)Airdrops of new coins and tokens.



6. BTCPay Server

BTCPay Server is an open-source, free and self-hosted Bitcoin payment processor that enables merchants to take payments in supported altcoins and bitcoin, straight in the cryptocurrency wallet except for transaction costs, fees, or a representative. The main advantage concerning BTCPay implies that it is free and open-source software, backed by the association which supports the user to immediately get payments P2P, in the wallet.


1)Zero fees
2)No middleman
3)Fast network for payments
4)Supports Bitcoin and altcoins
5)E-commerce support integration
6)Offers improved security and privacy
7)Built-in crowdfunding
8)Payment options with BTCPay button




7. remains one of the top bitcoin payment processors ideal for businesses and personal use. Presently, it supports Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, and Ether worldwide for transactions. This payment gateway is a popular crypto wallet, however, it is not restricted to wallet alone but additionally a repository that acknowledges reviewing Blockchain developments, information, plus the analytical report of Bitcoin and Blockchain. It implements Bitcoin payment APIs that can be utilized for business or personal purposes.


1)Crypto wallet backs Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, and more.
2)Easy bitcoin transactions.
3)API enables you to get and transfer bitcoins to additional wallets.
4)A free and secure wallet.






8. CoinGate

CoinGate is one of the top bitcoin payment processors that come with a payment gateway concerning crypto payments. The organization helps to develop a client-oriented checkout interface to make payments manageable. The organization has been operating since 2014. CoinGate serves customers and merchants globally to access and enjoy crypto payments.


1)E-commerce Plugins.
2)Document encryption.
4)24-hour withdrawal.
7)Bitcoin Point of Sale.
8)Payment Buttons.



9. B2BinPay

B2BinPay is an all-in-one global cryptocurrency payment solution for Merchants and Enterprise clients which allows businesses to send, receive, store, exchange, and accept cryptocurrency payments online, safely, and securely. With a high degree of automation and B2BinPay refers to a bitcoin payment processor that happens to be the best way to accept bitcoin payments. It remains an all-in-one crypto payment solution concerning enterprise clients and merchants allowing businesses to receive, send, exchange, store, and accept crypto payments online, securely, and safely. It facilitates global transactions within parties concerning a minimal cost of conventional online payment processors. Including a tremendous range of transaction speeds and automation, users can connect in less than one hour with a single API.


1)No recurring charges or hidden fees
2)Downloadable reports
3)Real-time balance
4)Secure checkout
5)Automatic withdrawals
6)Ultra-low processing fees
7)Secure API
8)Supports more than 800 coins and tokens
9)24/7 tech support in 6 languages



10. GoCoin

GoCoin is a bitcoin payment gateway that can be considered for crypto payments. It has been in operation since 2013. This platform comes with a global payment processor that is safe and effective. The organization hopes for a radiant prospect of blockchain business. Therefore, it successfully supports merchants in taking a diversity of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it also backs a wide assortment of industries such as hosting, traveling, gaming, and more.


1)Low fees for transactions.
2)Zero chargebacks.
3)Convenient cryptocurrency or fiat payouts.
4)Transactional risk protection.
5)A wide variety of crypto accepted.





Final Remarks

The prevalence of crypto is growing day by day. Several nations have begun mainstream cryptocurrency as a legal payment mode such as Japan. On the other hand, many others are yet expressing a regulation strategy on crypto assets. Users can utilize any bitcoin payment processor from the above-mentioned list of the top bitcoin payment processors according to their requirements to commence accepting crypto payments.

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