IIT Prepares for the Future of Web3 and Adds Digital Degree Courses on Blockchain

  • September 15, 2022
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IIT Prepares for the Future of Web3 and Adds Digital Degree Courses on Blockchain

IIT has taken initiative to launch a web3 Centre of Excellence (C.o.E) to develop a strong and crucial ecosystem of industry resources, partners, and a network of SMEs worldwide to develop a strong student community.

IIT Launches Web3 Based Digital Degrees

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, Web3, and Metaverse are futuristic technologies that may soon take over the world. Therefore, IIT has launched these degree programs and implemented them in their educational programs in India collaborating with TimesPro and India’s leading industry partners. The students who complete their new-age technology-based courses will be offered certificates from institutes like IIT-Roorkee, IIT-Ropar, and IIT-Delhi. The IIT faculties will also be working together with designing technology-based courses.

According to the report made by FICCI-EY’s 2022, web3 is labeled as a “game-changer” for the internet and might be an advantage of nearly $1.1 trillion to India’s GDP by the year 2032. The report also shares that the met averse will rapidly develop, develop consumer experience, lead to various upheavals, and may have over fifty million avatars in space by 2050. A web3 learning initiative is launched to offer technologically powered future-centric programs to learners through an extraordinary interactive learning experience in the metaverse. 

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The objective of the New Educational Program in India

The main objective of the initiative in India is to disrupt a new-age learning environment with cutting-edge technology in various web3 components such as blockchain, NFT, Cryptocurrency, DeFi, Metaverse, etc. The new program is launched in collaboration with top industry leaders such as iHub Divyasampark (IIT Roorkee), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Delhi), and India Blockchain Alliance. 

Along with the technology-based courses, several certificate programs are also offered depending on the ability and convenience of the students. The objective of the courses is to provide the student with an opportunity to explore the field of never-ending technological growth. Starting with the blockchain developer program, web3 will be introduced along with several other skills to enhance tech learners. These are in addition to the courses such as the certificate programs in Blockchain, Blockchain fundamentals, Solidity, Fintech, and Ethereum Smart Contracts. 

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An Opportunity to Learn As Per Convenience

The CEO of TimesPro shared with IANS, that “TimesPro has been investing in new technologies and therefore introduced new educational programs and courses in Cybersecurity, AI, Full Stack, Cloud Computing, Big Data, etc. With the collaboration of leading academic institutes, and leading IITs, and offers new-age technology programs, along with courses for tech students to enhance their skills. The web3 initiative is a continuation of their existing project”.

The courses offered will focus mainly on high engagement, and student-centric through projects, hackathons, case studies, assignments, and capstone projects. Along with core learning, career services such as one-to-one mentoring, expert sessions, and resume preparation are all part of the curriculum. All these courses will be delivered through the innovative Learning Management System (LMS) by timesPro.

In Conclusion

Web3 will transform the way the world works today. To operate with such cutting-edge technology, it is important to have a deep understanding of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Blockchain Technology, their applications, and their benefits in real-world industries. Courses on Metaverse, DAOs, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and NFTs will be a steppingstone for learners to stay ahead in technology.

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