How to Launch Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange with Zero Coding and in Minutes?

  • August 31, 2022
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How to Launch Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange with Zero Coding and in Minutes?

The growing mainstream acceptance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is drawing global attention from institutional investors. Crypto exchanges and trading platforms offer multiple opportunities for enterprises to diversify and seek business growth from crypto trading ventures. Around 500 crypto exchanges cater to a global crypto community exceeding 300 million crypto investors. The article will guide you through the steps required for setting up a crypto exchange. For interested candidates hesitant about programming, it is not that difficult to set up a brand new crypto exchange, and that too with zero coding experience and in minutes. All you need is a well-reputed crypto broker platform.

Crypto Broker Platforms: Kickstart Your Digital Assets Trading Business

The white label crypto broker platform allows investing participants to leverage business growth by offering crypto trading services to their clients. There are some variants, depending upon the subscription package. One of the major advantages is that these platforms help in bypassing the lengthy setup and necessary installation steps for developing a crypto exchange. In comparison to white label crypto exchanges, crypto broker platforms offer comprehensive services for nominal monthly charges. 

Gain a Competitive Edge with Crypto Trading

The process of setting up a crypto exchange requires robust expertise in technology, business development, crypto architecture, finance, cybersecurity, and regulations. Comprehensive solutions such as the white label crypto broker platform are developed by teams with distinct backgrounds in the above fields. Rather than building a team with the necessary skill sets and going through wait-time during product development, it is more affordable and efficient to acquire an all-in-one solution.  

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Must-Have Features in a Crypto Broker Platform

Firms and institutions seeking to stand out from the competition must ensure the features that they offer to their customers are best-in-class and work flawlessly. Crypto trading is almost identical to trading in equity stocks or forex. Thus high-performance trading features are highly desirable. 

It is easy to get distracted by the plethora of trading terminologies and technical specifications while choosing the right broker platform for starting an enterprise offering crypto trading services. One should look out for the following features:

  • Fiat and Crypto: Multi-Currency Compatibility

A higher number of asset options translate to more business revenue options- plain and simple. Trading platforms that are compatible with multiple fiat denominations generate more traffic, which in turn accelerates business growth. The PayBito exchange has been a frontrunner in integrated forex-crypto solutions and offers the same features on its crypto broker platform- options to trade in more than 20 fiat denominations and leading digital assets. 

  • Cutting Edge Security

Though unintentional, online criminal activities and potential cybersecurity concerns are almost proportional to the growth of crypto industries. In fact, cybersecurity remains one of the top concerns in the technology domain, with activities such as hacking, ransomware, spamming, and phishing increasing each passing day. The ability to protect investor assets is a sure-shot way to sustain the business. Therefore, opt for platforms that offer state-of-the-art security features along with the latest updates such as 3-point architecture, 2FA, DDoS mitigation, IP tracking, API, and more.   

  • High-Speed Trading

The digital age prioritizes time and experience, and even more so on trading. Thus, the crypto broker platform should score high on ease-of-use and UI/UX interface quality, along with trading features. Crypto broker platforms like PayBito offer multiple trading modules, order types, algo-trading, integration options for additional fiat, multiple report views, and more. 

  • Technical Features

A superior trading experience along with cutting-edge platform security is not possible without robust technological standards. Enterprises venturing into crypto trading services must check out the availability of features such as SegWit, Firebase, BIPS, compatibility with ERC20, customer management solutions, wallet management, and more. They also compare and confirm the presence of a high-performance matching engine with order books, and multi-device compatibility including desktop/laptops, smartphones, and Apple iOS devices. 

Advantages of White Label Crypto Broker Platform

Crypto broker platforms offer the following advantages:

  • Regulations and Compliance

Well-established crypto brokerage platform APIs are mostly offered by globally operational crypto exchanges that are accustomed to crypto regulations around the world. This allows them to accelerate the pace of developing platform solutions that adhere to rules and regulations pertaining to crypto. 

  • KYC/AML Compliances

Know-your-customer(KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering(AML) compliances have been made mandatory across most countries to curb illegal money financing. Enterprises and institutions offering asset management services including crypto are required to abide by the rules. The underlying blockchain technology facilitates swift data authentication comprising visibility in real-time all over the network. 

  • Liquidity Features

Despite reaching a trillion-dollar valuation in market capitalization, cryptocurrencies are a fairly new form of asset. Liquidity remains one of the main concerns of crypto markets, though it also contributes significantly to the wild-swinging volatility of crypto price valuations. Crypto broker platforms comprise the liquidity features of their parent crypto exchanges, which themselves feature liquidity integrations with others. 

  • Round-the-clock Maintenance and Support

Enterprises offering crypto broker solutions provide dedicated assistance and support to their participants. The support teams offer customer service in multiple languages as well. 

Why are Institutions Choosing the PayBito Crypto Broker Platform?

US-based crypto exchange PayBito ranks among the largest global digital assets exchanges, operating across regions where crypto is legalized. A pioneering force committed to innovation and excellence, the exchange fosters holistic growth of the crypto ecosystem upholding collaboration instead of competition. Financial institutions seeking entry or to update their existing infrastructure prefer PayBito’s enterprise solutions to leverage growth and opportunities in the rapidly growing crypto market.

Institutional investors and participants interested in joining the PayBito Broker program gain access to the following: 

  1. Access to more than 400 worldwide digital asset markets.
  2. Trading in more than 20 fiat denominations with options for additional integration.
  3. 1 Month Free Trial.

Capitalizing Growth Through Crypto: The PayBito Edge

In a true collaborative spirit, the PayBito White Label Crypto Broker platform allows firms to instantly capitalize on the following crypto business opportunities:

  • Crypto Trading

Crypto trading markets are gradually catching up with stock equities and forex trading markets in terms of transactions. Major asset management corporations have already invested significantly in cryptocurrencies, while certain pension and 401(k) funds plan to join soon. Despite their volatility, crypto markets present high returns and have better prospects in the long term.

  • Crypto Payment Gateway

International payments and remittance solutions are among the biggest areas of crypto implementation. Cross-border remittance options at fractional charges to legacy services have been a boon to working expatriates sending their hard-earned savings to their near and dear ones. Research indicates around 57.6% of the world’s biggest corporations already use digital assets in at least one form or another, mainly for swift cost-effective, and efficient cross-border transactions with real-time visibility. 

  • Crypto Banking

Banking solutions powered by cryptocurrencies are no longer overtly futuristic. The PayBito crypto bank allows participants to harness the power of decentralized finance(DeFi) along with conventional banking services( Savings or Current A/C opening and maintenance, fixed deposits at higher returns than bank interests, crypto custodial solutions, and more).

  • Crypto-Collateralized Lending

The PayBito platform presents participants with an opportunity to offer lending solutions backed by cryptocurrencies. Clients can obtain fiat currency as per requirements keeping cryptocurrencies as collateral. Being the most dominant market asset, Bitcoin is the preferred token for crypto-collateralized lending. 


The growing mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a viable investment asset type has contributed to the growing adoption of crypto broker platforms among institutional investors, and entrepreneurs. The comprehensive PayBito Crypto Broker program offers an opportunity for enterprises to leverage business growth through digital assets- with zero coding and instant installation.

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