How PayBito Helps Brokers Use Compassion to Put an End to the Global Hunger Crisis?

  • November 3, 2022
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How PayBito Helps Brokers Use Compassion to Put an End to the Global Hunger Crisis?

Our world is going through a forthcoming worldwide hunger crisis. With the extreme drought, and weather conditions along with the impact of war, pandemic, and growing global recession, 10% of the people around the world are suffering from food insecurity. 

A team member of PayBito stared at a young boy in shock. While she was traveling for work, a young boy on her bus was trying to sell incense sticks. He was only seven years old and drenched in sweat as it was a summer afternoon. The young boy was desperate to sell his sticks and looked thirsty. She bought a few sticks from him and offered her a bottle of water. When asked, the boy replied, “we are a family of five, my father expired due to covid, and my mother works in a factory. I have three other siblings and have to work to get two times meal a day”. 

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World Moving Backwards in Defeating Hunger

There are several organizations and programs available for the needy, yet 823 million people around the world are still going to bed hungry. Drought in Tanzania has led to a family living off a little amount of food which has led to malnourishment in children. The six-month-old Emanuela looked like a two-month-old due to a lack of food. Her mother shared that they could only have one time meal a day which has deteriorated her body and cannot produce enough milk to breastfeed her baby. 

Like Emanuela, 8 million children under the age of five are at death risk from severe malnutrition. According to UNICEF, in 2022, the number of children suffering from severe wasting was a 7.7million, which when surveyed in June, reached a 7.9million, and is now at 8 million by the end of 2022. Severe wasting is when the children do not grow properly and are too thin for their age and height. This is one of the visible forms of malnutrition and is caused due to lack of nutritious food. It often appears after repetitive malaria, diarrhea, and measles. These diseases often make children lack immunity. Severe wasting is a result of food insecurity, which is suffered by around a 40million children around the world. 

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What is Food Insecurity? 

The collision of drought and extreme weather with the combination of rising inflation, war, and the pandemic has led several families like Emanuela’s to face food insecurity. Food insecurity is when someone does not receive nutritious food for their overall development. This mainly takes place when the food is either not affordable or not available. In the case of severe food, insecurity is when a person has not eaten for days which leads to dangerous hunger. 

Food insecurity can cause severe malnutrition in children. Little Emanuella lost severe weight and development delays. If not taken action, malnutrition can cause permanent damage to a child’s health. The most extreme type of food insecurity is famine. It takes place when food insecurity reaches its extremities. Famine is when people are at a complete lack of access to food. According to the reports of the World Food Program, around 30% of the locality suffers from starvation, which often leads to death. 

PayBito to Contribute to Global Hunger Crisis

While the world is suffering from the global recession, PayBito has decided to feed needy families and provide them with better meal plans. The team of PayBito understands the real problems of the family and provides the kids with the food required for proper nutrition and growth. 

However, PayBito has decided to do this in a unique way. The platform has recently launched the world’s first-ever crypto broker platform which is mainly for institutional investors, and entrepreneurs looking forward to venturing into a new business. The platform has recognized the growing demand for crypto brokers and has decided to provide a white-label crypto broker platform with an instant branded exchange with over four hundred crypto markets, and multiple assets and fiat currencies. The platform has started its hunger eradication campaign, by contributing the same amount of commission earned by the brokers to needy families around the world. 

In Conclusion

Hunger is a serious problem that is led by several factors such as conflict, climate conditions, gender inequality, inequity, and the lack of accessibility. In today’s world of inflation, and powerful people who control the underprivileged, eradicating hunger is next to impossible. However, PayBito believes that compassion can help defeat hunger. If you are a broker and looking to start your own platform, sign up and be a part of the movement.

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