Global “Hunger Pandemic” Pushing Millions Towards Death: How Can You Help?

  • November 17, 2022
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Global “Hunger Pandemic” Pushing Millions Towards Death: How Can You Help?

Hunger has been a problem around the world for decades, years before the coronavirus pandemic hit the countries. The vulnerable communities and developing countries around the world are sending a clear message to everyone “hunger may kill them before the coronavirus does”. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, economic instability due to the covid 19 pandemic, and the severe side effects of climate change have fuelled the hunger index around the world. While some find it difficult to receive nutritious food, or three times meals, some are suffering from starvation. There are several ways to end hunger, however, that will require taking proper action against climate change, ending conflict among countries, helping the farmers, and conducting lifesaving food programs. 

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World Hunger Crisis: Millions on the Edge of Starvation 

Our world is developing in every aspect, yet in terms of world hunger, all the initiatives seem to fail. There is enough food produced in the world for everyone, yet 869 million people go to sleep every day on empty stomach. This has not only affected the adults, but every day seven hundred children around the world die of hunger, dirty water, and malnutrition. Over the years, several organizations have warned that the hunger virus is deadlier than a covid pandemic, and might kill more lives in the coming days. 

The covid 19 pandemic has managed to impact almost everyone around the world. For the people who are already living in poverty, covid has only fuelled their living conditions. Our world is deeply unequal, which has made it difficult for the hungry to access the food produced for them. In recent years, post-pandemic, twenty million people have been pushed to levels of extreme hunger and today the total count of hungry people stands at 155 million. Climate change has increased the drought and famine situations, and today 520,000 people live in famine conditions. 

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The 3C’s Fuelling World Hunger Crisis

The 3C’S, Conflict, climate change, and the covid-19 pandemic have fuelled malnutrition and hunger around the world. According to data, every minute, eleven people are dying around the world due to extreme hunger. The world hunger hotspots are ravaged by the 3C’s and have created a strong hold on the hunger epicenter. 

1. Conflict

The unprecedented global covid pandemic has forced the UN to call a ceasefire in 2020. Yet, in twenty-three countries, over a hundred million people are prey to hunger due to the incessant conflicts. South Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria, Ethiopia, and Yemen are some of the world’s worst hunger spots all of which are a result of the conflict. Since women and girls are observed to eat last, they are suffering the most in the hunger index. In most families, the women are responsible to get food and have to face dangerous situations in doing so due to inequity and conflict. 

2. Economic Fall Out of Covid 19

The covid 19 pandemic had bought upon the world a huge economic crisis, as the borders were closed, jobs were lost, and businesses and markets were closed due to lockdowns. This had already pushed tens and millions of os people towards hunger and poverty. The global food prices observed a 40% surge which resulted in a disturbance in the food chain and huge unemployment issues. Almost forty million people suffered from extreme hunger especially because of economic conditions caused by the consequences of cvid19 pandemic. Over the previous years, there has been a 70% increase in global hunger. 

3. Climate Change

Climate change is a serious problem, and needs immediate attention, as one of the collateral damage caused by it is “hunger”. Nearly sixteen million people around fifteen countries are pushed to extreme hunger conditions due to severe climate change issues. More than four hundred weather-centric disasters were observed over the years causing record-breaking floods, and storms around the world especially in the countries of Southeast Asia, Central America, and the Horn of Africa. Since 1980, climate disasters have tripled, and extreme weather event is recorded every week around the world. Yet, the governments are still focused on the pandemic and have delayed taking any actions on climate change. 

The Increase in Inequality

With the global covid 19 pandemic, there has been a huge rise in inequality around the world. In 2021, the number of people living in poverty reached 745million, which shows a record hundred million increase since after the pandemic. Informal workers, marginal people, and women are some of the major targets of inequality around the world. In 2020. The women lost jobs and a loss of 800 billion dollars has been predicted due to inequality post-pandemic. In 2021, around a 47million women have been pushed into poverty due to inequality. On the other hand, the rich people only profited from the situation, among the ten richest people, nine are men whose income increased by $413 during the pandemic. 

The Extreme Hunger Spots Around the World

Map of Hunger Spots Around the World

There are several countries around the world that have been badly affected by the pandemic, conflicts, and climate change, however, here are some of the main hotspots around the world that are concerning such as Yemen, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Venezuela, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, West African Sahel and more. Some of the countries that are becoming emerging hunger spots are Brazil, South Africa, and India which were also the most covid affected countries. 

End Hunger With PayBito’s “Brokering Crypto Hunger Away” Movement

Cryptocurrency is an evolving market and has managed to grab global attention, especially after the pandemic. While the new industry attracts several traders, many brokers are planning to open their own brokerage business and earn a commission. To provide an opportunity for the brokers to set up their own business within days, PayBito offers its crypto broker platform that is available with a readymade exchange with over four hundred markets, over t6wnty fiat currencies and multiple assets. 

The white-label crypto broker platform is easy and ready to use for any professional trader who wants to level up their career in the industry. However, PayBito has long recognized the problems of hunger around the world, which might solemn turn into a catastrophe if not dealt with. Therefore, PayBito has taken an initiative with its “Brokering world hunger away” movement where the company will feed the needy with the same amount of commission earned by the brokers. If you are a professional crypto trader and want to venture into the bandwagon, join PayBito’s crypto broker platform and stand for a cause to show compassion with your profession. 

In Conclusion,

Global hunger is turning into a human catastrophe with the conflicts among countries, the economic condition after the covid pandemic, and the rising issues of climate change. While the world is developing in every other sector, the hunger problem is only growing. PayBito’s “Brokering World Hunger Away” movement provides crypto brokers a chance to contribute to world hunger by earning more commission in their profession.

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