Feed the Future: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Beat Global Child Hunger with PayBito’s Crypto Brokerage Solution

  • November 8, 2022
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Feed the Future: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Beat Global Child Hunger with PayBito’s Crypto Brokerage Solution

Global Hunger Index 2020 reports 5.3 million kids did not live to see their fifth birthday because of hunger in 2018. On the other side, science is getting busy with 3D food printers, plant-based meat, automatic beer robots, and more to make our culinary experience more delightful. Life, indeed, is not unfair. Maybe we are leaving the child hunger war to the government and giant corporations. But, how about a way that allows budding enterprises, self-employed personnel, and even soccer moms to contribute to the global fight against child hunger effortlessly while earning? PayBito puts forward an ideal solution, encouraging entrepreneurs into the infantry with its ‘Brokering World Hunger Away’ Campaign.

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Brokering World Hunger Away: A Fight Against Child Hunger

In 2021, there were 300 million crypto users in the world. WHO states that 828 million people were affected by chronic hunger in 2021. Still, the number of hungry people is more than the number of crypto users. However, in today’s scenario, only the developed nations (36 countries) and a few developing nations are working towards the cause. Business organizations help through their CSR programs. PayBito puts forward a unique approach, allowing its registered participants to join in on the noble cause while they earn. With more people fighting against a cause, there is a higher chance of reaching the zero hunger target by 2030.

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A Dollar To Defeat Hunger: An Oath to Stand Stronger

PayBito, a pioneer in white-label crypto broker platform, is a unique hassle-free option for every small and large crypto brokers to break into the crypto market. One can easily set up an account, facilitate crypto transactions, and earn commissions. Brokers can also earn by affiliate marketing. Under affiliate marketing, for every new user that comes to the platform via your website, the platform offers 50% of the user’s trading fee.

PayBito promises to match every dollar that each crypto broker associated with it makes via brokerage commission. So, if you make $100 as a commission, PayBito will spend $100 towards child hunger programs. Your commission per month might look too minuscule when compared to world hunger. But think about the cumulative effect of all the crypto brokers in the platform.

Democratizing Crypto

At the current stage, crypto exchanges are the key players in the global crypto scenario handling massive transaction amounts each day. As such, the possible hassles include liquidity concerns, regulations compliance, high setup and installation costs and more. Crypto brokers streamline the process, prioritizing and offering an unmatched trading experience. investor asset protection  Similarly, any individual versed with the crypto brokering process can use the readymade platform, reporting systems, trading options, wallets, security features, compliances, and more of PayBito to meet with the global audience.

So, when we are talking about matching every dollar made by the crypto brokers, the platform extends its campaign to every freelancer, work-from-home, part-time student, and even Gen Z brokers. PayBito has a record-breaking broker registration speed, with people trying to get hold of PayBito resources to attract more clients and earn more. So, every day, more brokers will be included in this growing campaign.

What Could Rising Crypto Brokers Do To Child Hunger?

It must be acknowledged that when corporations and giant nations couldn’t beat child hunger, what could a bunch of crypto brokers do to stir the pot? PayBito is not a stand-alone solution to child hunger or a one-man army that would literally feed everyone. However, in terms of numbers, in 2021, the platform’s trading volume exceeded $2 billion and is growing consistently. In mid-2020, it added 20,000 new users to its platform in one month.

‘Brokering World Hunger Away’ is an avalanche effect towards the child hunger fight. After all, even a journey spanning thousands of miles starts with a single step.

Who Can Take Part In The ‘Brokering World Hunger Away’ Campaign?

Every crypto broker associated with PayBito will be contributing to this campaign indirectly. If you are new, all it takes is filling out a simple form to get started. The entire process would take up to five days, and you will receive a Member ID to start. Once registered, you can immediately access its client app dashboard, admin panel, order book, multicurrency wallet, high-security payment gateway, 24×7 customer service, high-liquid crypto platform, and more.

Wrapping Up

Imagine how irritated you get when your food is late in a restaurant or your delivery guy is taking too long. Imagine a child being hungry for days together, dreaming of one good meal. As an individual, it might not be possible to have the power to make a noticeable difference.

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