Top 10 Crypto Brokers To Watch Out For In 2021

  • June 23, 2021
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Top 10 Crypto Brokers To Watch Out For In 2021

Many people think of cryptocurrencies to be the prospect of finance. When you happen to be ready to hop into the world of crypto, picking a crypto broker to invest in or trade cryptocurrencies remains one of the most critical steps when it comes to your success within this market. As different crypto brokers come with different strengths, you have to find out what sort of broker ideally satisfies your crypto interests. 

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Picking the best cryptocurrency broker largely depends on approaching your requirements as a trader or an investor. The subsequent list of top 10 cryptocurrency brokers has been chosen for several reasons to satisfy the inadequacies of investing styles and differing crypto trading.


Being one of the top crypto brokers on our list, PayBito’s broker program helps increase transactional volume and gain additional users for institutional clients. Offering market depth and best-in-class liquidity, PayBito Crypto Broker Program helps organizations develop their business promptly and get high commissions as well. 

Supporting both spot and futures trading, PayBito Broker facilitates the true possibility of customization to meet the client demands and boost their strategies for business. Their broker program is not just for brokerages, but their clients from numerous business sectors, both mainstream and blockchain markets, can also avail themselves of their solutions.

2. eToro

eToro is one of the top crypto brokers to consider in 2021 as it radically transformed the way several people invest and trade. Being a social trading platform, its trading process involves mirroring another investor or trader’s activities in a particular social trading account. While making the exact amount as the trader you seem to be copying, you can further take the corresponding loss percentage that the trader takes into their account. 

eToro is great for crypto trading as well as copy trading and happens to be our top choice for the best crypto brokers to watch out for in 2021. Moreover, eToro comes with a user-friendly mobile app and web platform that is excellent for easygoing investors, and beginners.

3. AvaTrade

Established in 2006, AvaTrade happens to be managed in three tier-2 and three tier-1 jurisdictions, hence making it one of the safest and low-risk brokers for CFDs and forex trading. AvaTrade is the name of a trusted global crypto broker brand ideally recognized for endeavoring traders with a comprehensive range of trading platform opportunities. 

Being one of the top crypto brokers on our list for 2021, we found AvaTrade to signify prominent when it comes to competitive trading for mobile, copy trading, often in line with the industry standard for research and pricing, as well as the winner for investor training. The variety of markets obtainable at AvaTrade is likely to base on the brand’s trading platform and global entities.

4. Robinhood

Robinhood is one the most suitable alternatives for amateur traders who look for an easy, easy-to-understand platform without all the bells and whistles offered by prominent brokers. Though the account types and trading options of Robinhood happen to be defined, even a newbie trader can readily master Robinhood’s streamlined and intuitive platform.

5. BlockFi 

The BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) is a crypto broker that allows traders to maximize their crypto balance. Founded in 2017 by Flori Marquez and Zac Prince, the organization was designed to render credit services to those markets having restricted access to simple products like a savings account. If you start depositing your crypto within the BlockFi Interest Account, you can watch it grow as your balance both surge and gets you interest as well. BlockFi provides 8.6% on stablecoins and approximately 6% on BTC. 

6. HYCM 

Having 40 years of expertise and a wide range of services and products, HYCM comes with a crypto broker that offers first-class trading expertise. The 40-year Group experience of this crypto broker within the financial markets happened to position them as one of the most transparent and trusted brokers in the crypto and forex industry, thereby helping them serve both retail and institutional clients across the world. The effective spreads of HYCM happen to be high beyond all account alternatives. Having said that, HYCM comes with more than sixty cryptocurrencies CFD pairs.

7. iTrustCapital 

iTrustCapital happens to be one of the top 10 crypto brokers on our list that allows you to hold physical gold within your retirement account as well as trade. You can likewise trade Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), as well as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) within your retirement account. iTrustCapital provides traders with a private wallet for cryptocurrency transactions. 

While this crypto broker possesses no minimum account or trade size, the account holders are charged a flat price of $29.95 per month. This also includes all asset custody charges, IRA fees, as well as access to all its trading platform options. Other than that, all crypto trades include a supplementary 1% transaction price according to the trade size.

8. XTB

XTB is the name of a reliable multi-asset broker. It is one of the top crypto brokers offering other assets for trade as well. It offers traders exceptional customer service along with an outstanding trading experience due to its xStation 5 trading platform. They have 25 cryptocurrencies for offering in total. They happen to be one of the biggest stock exchange-listed CFD and FX brokers within the globe, offering retail traders on-the-spot access to hundreds of worldwide markets.

9. Voyager 

Voyager is one of the top 10 crypto brokers globally that helps connect more than 12 of the most secure and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges so that traders can access the biggest crypto trading business possible anywhere. Voyager also provides traders with more active, more secure execution, along with access to various exchanges. 

Voyager collaborated with more than a dozen advanced and reliable crypto exchanges as well as liquidity providers. The exchange connectivity of this organization comes with competitive rates on your trades, backed by quicker and safe execution.

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10. TradeStation 

As a leader in the crypto broker domain, TradeStation encourages casual traders with its web-based platform as well as active traders with the help of its award-winning platform for desktop, all with $0 ETF and stock trades. TradeStation Crypto Broker enables you to buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin, bitcoin cash, as well as XRP. TradeStation Crypto purveys to both recreational and institutional clients.

Winding Up

Trading crypto is turning out to be more extensive as traders and investors around the world are becoming more content with blockchain and the crypto exchanges that provide online crypto trading. Safety enhancements concerning digital wallets proceed to develop as well, offering traders more assurance that purchasing bitcoin is secure. 

Thus, we have lined up the top 10 crypto brokers to consider for cryptocurrency trading as well as investment. When assessing ease of use, security, trading tools, as well as total cryptocurrencies provided, PayBito comes out on top of this list for 2021. With that being stated, positively, this review supports you to shed light on some of the best crypto exchanges that offer a solid, reliable, competitive offering.

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