5 Proven Tips & Tricks for Crypto Traders to Maximise Profit and Minimise Risks

  • April 18, 2023
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5 Proven Tips & Tricks for Crypto Traders to Maximise Profit and Minimise Risks

Cryptocurrencies are here for decades, however, people still feel hesitant to consider them as an asset. People usually consider it as the ‘elephant in the room’, mostly due to a lack of knowledge. While the concept has been there for over a decade, the booms and busts of the asset class have still made people hesitant. Can you blame them? 

2022 has not been the year for the crypto industry. With several exchanges going bankrupt, and FTX collapsing, investors are in fear. Bitcoin first emerged in 2009, however, was only considered an asset class after 2017. While millions of people are already holding cryptocurrencies, the GenZ are still quite hesitant. 

According to a new study, massive fluctuations in asset price, lack of knowledge in crypto, and the perception that ‘cryptos are a scam’ has laid back several potential investors. GenZ members say that crypto law enforcement and government regulations might convince them to invest in the crypto asset class. 

In the age of cashless payments, and e-wallets, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins have emerged in the fintech industry. If you are planning to enter the space as a crypto trader, this article will guide you through several tips and tricks that will help you to maximize your profits and minimize the risks as much as possible. 

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Why Cryptocurrency Asset Class is Worth the Investment?

Underpinned by blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are digital money that was first made to avoid the pain of traditional banknotes. These currencies help the government to avoid the problems of printing, and distributing currencies, which also potentially reduces the problems of fake notes and crimes. However, over the past few years, the lack of proper crypto regulations and government intervention has made assets vulnerable to scams. 

The number of exchanges has led to an increase in the number of scammers. However, if the asset class is put to good use, it can bring financial revolution around the world. While many countries hesitated earlier, today several countries have adopted blockchain technology and are planning to integrate stricter policies and regulations around the industry. 

Here are some of the advantages of investing and trading with cryptocurrencies. 

  • Quick, Easy & Cheap Transactions: in the traditional monetary system, when you plan to send money to a friend, or a person cross-country, you have to go through several legalities and unnecessary steps. Crypto transactions, on the other hand, are easy, quick, and simple. No brokerage fees, no agents, commissions, or extra fees are required.
  • Private & secure: cryptocurrency transactions are safe and secure mainly because its anonymous. Other than you, no other person or bank can get hold of your bank transaction or any other details. 
  • Unbanked can enjoy freedom: did you know that there are around seven billion people unbanked? This means that they do not hold any bank account, nor any mobile money provider. This is mainly because the application procedure is strict in financial institutions and requires several documents. On the other hand, an individual does not require so many documents to buy and trade cryptocurrencies in the industry. 
  • Conduct Quick Cross-country trade: the traditional monetary system involved banks that worked as intermediaries when you planned to conduct cross-country transactions. However, with crypto, one can conduct cross-country transactions hassle-free. They can not only save time but also a lot of money that banks took as a part of commissions. 
  • Best Investment option with high returns: Bitcoin emerged in 2009, and it has been over a decade since its existence. Today, there are more than five thousand different altcoins available in over twenty thousand markets. As the world slowly adapts to the new digital class, the value is only going to increase its value. Crypto traders might have experienced the benefits of investing in assets. 

5 Proven Tips & Tricks for Crypto Traders

Crypto trading is not easy and requires in-depth knowledge and understanding. Here are a few tips and tricks for crypto traders that will help them to minimize risks, and help get maximum profits. 

Always Be Cautious

While the cryptocurrency industry has been existing for ages, it is still in its nascent stage. Therefore, it is way more volatile and fragile with no proper crypto laws and regulations. Therefore, in case of hacks or frauds, it is not possible to locate and recover your lost funds. Moreover, it is not easy to figure out if a cryptocurrency is legit or if an exchange is fake. 

Invest Only What You Can Afford to Lose

As a crypto trader, you might have to invest in different types of assets. In such cases ensure that you invest only what you can afford to lose. Usually, smart investors have enough saved up in the form of Fixed deposits, insurance, debt funds, emergency funds, etc. In case you have added an amount, then you can consider investing and trading in cryptocurrencies. 

Research Before You Invest

If you are trading cryptocurrencies, then it is important to do your research. Blindly investing in an asset that your friends invest in, might be a setback, as they are not experts in the field. Therefore, it is important to study the field before investing in any crypto asset such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. Learn and educate yourself about their uses, and potential. 

Avail a Trusted Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges can get hacked. Moreover, with the recent FTX collapse, it is impossible to blindly trust the exchanges. Therefore, look for exchanges with new products, and projects. PayBito for example, is a US-based trusted crypto exchange. It has also recently introduced the world’s first “crypto broker platform”, which is best for crypto investors, financial institutions, and individuals. Here, the crypto traders can avail expert brokers to help them with trading. 

Expand Your Knowledge

When you are investing and trading with cryptocurrencies, it is important to know about your options. Learning about digital wallets and purchasing a digital hard wallet will help to keep your investments safe. You can learn more about staking, liquidity mining, DeFi, and more to expand your knowledge.

The Bottom Line

Before diving into crypto trading, it is important to conduct thorough research. Several times, investors invest a large chunk of money out of FOMO, and that can be extremely dangerous. Usually, people who invest out of FOMO end up with huge losses. Therefore, as a crypto trader, you need to make sure that you are financially secure and invest in assets that you know of.

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